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Standalone Integrated Media Block

The SR-1000 boasts the capability to play back SMPTE and Interop digital cinema packages (DCP) with bit rates reaching up to 500 Mbps1. Additionally, its DTS:X™ for IAB Immersive Audio solution aligns seamlessly with the SMPTE ST 2098-2 immersive audio bitstream (IAB) standard. This standard has been specifically designed to provide a unified and interoperable audio format, ensuring a consistent and high-quality audio experience for global theatrical distribution.

Series 1 Media block upgrade

SR-1000 + Faceplate

The S1 Kit Plus serves as a physical enclosure for the SR-1000 IMB, offering cooling, power, enterprise storage of up to 32TB, and essential interfaces to facilitate communication and compatibility with all Series 1 DLP Cinema projectors.

Under specific circumstances, the combination of SR-1000 IMB with the S1 Kit Plus can significantly extend the lifespan of Series 1 projectors. This integrated solution stands out as the sole future-proof and highly reliable option for exhibitors seeking to replace a malfunctioning Series 1 projector's media server.

When upgrading a Series 1 projector, the SR-1000 IMB, separated from the S1 Kit Plus, seamlessly integrates with Series 2, 3, or 4 DLP Cinema projectors. Whether your requirements include 4K capability or a sound processor, it is advisable to consult with your GDC sales representative for potential upgrade options before incorporating it with your new projector.

The SR-1000 IMB represents the company's 6th generation digital cinema media server, meticulously designed for nearly zero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership. Notably, the SR-1000 has received SGS certification for an impressive 100,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

Dolby Labortories

Dolby IMS3000 IMB

1TB, 2TB, or More

The IMS3000 has dependable performance, supported by Dolby's cutting-edge technology and assistance. With a robust feature set, adaptable storage choices, and an exclusive scalable design prepared for the future, the IMS3000 stands out.