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Barco Series 4 Laser Projectors


23,500 lumens smart cinema projector

SP4K-25, a component of the Series 4 portfolio, is the outcome of a collaborative design effort with industry partners, incorporating insights from market trends in content creation, exhibition, and technology. This next-generation laser projection family, tailored for all cinema screens, offers a variety of configurations, providing users with the freedom to choose. With diverse brightness options, compatibility with both Barco and select 3rd party lenses, as well as features like a touch display and live streaming, the SP4K models allow you to customize your experience to meet specific needs.


Within the Series 4 family, the SP2K models deliver native 2K resolution and full P3 color.

Derived from the highly regarded SP4K range and belonging to the Series 4 portfolio, SP2K-20 is a next-generation laser projection series designed for all cinema screens. Offering various configurations, these SP2K models provide users with the freedom to choose, featuring compatibility with both Barco lenses and selected 3rd party lenses, along with a touch display and live streaming option. Tailor your experience by exploring the available options to meet your specific needs.


SP2K-7. SP2K-9. SP2K-11

An advanced laser projection series designed for all cinema screens, the SP2K models are available in diverse configurations, providing you with the freedom to choose. With a broad spectrum of brightness options, compatibility with various media servers and lenses, and features such as a touch display and live streaming option, these models allow you to customize your experience. Explore the available options to tailor the system to meet your specific needs.

Christie Digital Projection - Series 4

CP4455 RGB Projector

The inaugural cinema projector with cutting-edge Christie RealLaser™ technology, designed for screens spanning up to 114 feet in width.

The CP4455-RGB pure laser cinema projector transforms the premium movie-going experience in large-format theaters. Equipped with CineLife+™ electronics and Real|Laser™ illumination technology, this compact, DCI-compliant projector stands out in image quality, operational longevity, and onscreen brightness. Exhibitors utilizing the CP4455-RGB can captivate audiences with vivid and detailed true-to-life 4K images, all supported by a platform designed to accommodate current content and future formats.

CP2420 RGB Projector

Highly advanced and cost-effective DCI-compliant cinema projection, incorporating Christie RealLaser™ technology for screens up to 63 feet in width.


Christie® CineLife+™ CP4420-Xe cinema projectors redefine the cinema experience, offering enduring brightness and exceptional image performance at the lowest operating costs in their brightness class. With ultrafast CineLife+ electronics processing and an intuitive UI, CineLife+ Xe ensures a superior experience for both audiences and operators, promising a lower total cost of ownership, unmatched reliability, and extended lamp life with genuine Xenolite® Ultimate Performance lamps. The Xenon projectors boast superior optical efficiency, requiring less filtering to achieve the DCI-P3 color space compared to alternative light sources, surpassed only by RGB pure laser technology.

NEC Digtal Projectors

NEC - NC3541L

Tailored for auditoriums boasting screens up to 105 ft. wide, NEC's NC3541L stands as the newest DCI-compliant RB Laser DLP cinema projector. Boasting precise 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), 3-D capabilities, and high-contrast images (2000:1), this model is not only user-friendly and easy to operate but also demands minimal maintenance.