Dolby CP950 Processor

Digital ATMOS Processor

The CP950 provides a seamless installation process for Dolby Surround 7.1 and 5.1 formats, boasting an expansion slot for potential upgrades to Dolby Atmos. Crafted with the convenience of our exhibitor partners in mind. Its brand-new feature set encompasses a built-in booth monitor, an intuitive front-panel user interface, a color touchscreen, and a web interface for enhanced accessibility and usability. Additionally, it comes equipped with features tailored for today's cinema standards, including internal loudspeaker crossovers, a high-resolution multi-rate EQ, and the flexibility of 16 channels of analog output or 16 channels of digital output, supporting either AES67 or Blu-Link protocols.


The upcoming era of cinema processors.

Trinnov Ensures Performance

To uphold Trinnov's renowned fidelity, all audio boards are meticulously designed and manufactured in-house by Trinnov.

Digital & Analog Connectivity

The latest Ovation 16/16 version introduces up to 16 channels of AES outputs, mirroring its analog counterparts. This enables the use of amplifiers with both digital and analog inputs.

Intuitive Touch Screens

The front panel has been revamped to feature two tactile screens, enhancing the ergonomics for cinema engineers and end users, providing a more modern and user-friendly experience.

DPM 300/300H

The DPM Series processors present a robust solution Cinema audio systems.

The DPM Series embodies the legacy of QSC's DCM and DCP products, providing an all-encompassing solution for signal processing and monitoring functions in a cohesive system crafted for Digital Cinema. Engineered for seamless integration with QSC's Digital Cinema Amplifiers (DCA) and featuring advanced Intrinsic Correction™ settings tailored to QSC's Digital Cinema Speakers (DCS), the DPM elevates loudspeaker performance while simplifying the wiring and setup of cinema sound systems. With its adaptability, the DPM 300 allows for various configurations, supporting passive, bi-amp, tri-amp, and quad-amp operations, and accommodating 2 or 4 surround channels (5.1 or 7.1).